What is it

The term “electrotherapy” means the use of electrical energy in all its forms for therapeutic purposes. From direct current to variable currents.

In particular, the direct current is the so-called galvanic current. It can also exploit the properties of certain drugs that are conveyed, through the current itself, to the area to be treated (iontophoresis).

The currents of excitomotor currents, those with analgesic effect (diadynamic currents and TENS) and those with thermal effect are part of the variable currents. The equipment we use is called EUSTIM is a device for electrostimulation with two independent channels that delivers “CONSTANT POWER” currents, thanks to the C.E.P. (SIMED patent s.r.l.).

The exclusive C.E.P. allows the electrodes to keep a CONSTANT POWER output that automatically adapts to changes in impedance of the part to be treated, thus eliminating

undesirable effects on the patient (changes in the skin’s pH, chemical burns, etc.) and guaranteeing uniform treatment.

 EU˜STIM delivers all waveforms commonly used in low, medium and high voltage therapy.

For which diseases it is indicated

Electrotherapy is indicated for muscular, painful and nervous disorders (especially neuritis) and radiculitis (sciatica, cruralgia etc.).

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