What is it

Hydrokinesitherapy – or rehabilitation in water – is a special therapy that exploits movement in water, known since Roman times. It is still used and considered very effective and advantageous for joint and functional recovery, both in the presence of chronic and acute pathologies. Water makes the difference in this discipline by facilitating functional recovery, reducing fatigue and pain. The particularity of this type of treatment is constituted by the aquatic environment, not so much for its myorelaxing effects, but for the diversity of the sensory stimuli it offers. Considering posture the body’s best response to environmental stimuli in relation to the sense of position of body segments and the sense of balance of the body in space, we can say that we consider water as an extremely stimulating proprioceptive environment. The advantage in fact is given by the fact that, working with different physical laws, it requires the implementation of motor behaviors and strategies completely outside the automatisms and acquired compensation. In our environment the human body must first of all counteract the force of gravity and generate movement to perform actions; often when there are functional overloads, muscular imbalances or joint and muscle-tendon pathologies these synergies are altered and certain muscle groups fail to activate in the motor sequences.

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