What is it

Laser therapy consists of using the effects produced by electromagnetic energy generated by two laser light sources for therapeutic purposes in the physiotherapy sector. The Laser flow, penetrating the tissues causes biochemical reactions on the cell membrane and inside the mitochondria that induce different effects including: vasodilation and increased lymphatic drainage. The pain therapy is given by the analgesic action that is induced by the increase in the perception threshold of the algotropic nerve endings and by the release of endorphins. The anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, eutrophic and stimulating effect is given by the increase in blood flow due to capillary and arteriolar vasodilation. The effect of increasing interstitial fluid absorption and consequent reduction of edema is due to the modification of the intracapillary hydrostatic pressure.

Treated diseases

General traumatology (articular distortions, tendinitis, chronic tenosynovitis, muscle strains, ecchymoses, bursitis, enthesitis, muscle sprains, arthrosic phenomena, overloading pathologies, ulcers and sores, traumatic sequelae …), various types of rheumatic and degenerative atralgias (epicondylitis , gonalgie with or without spillage, myositis, polyarthritis, sciatica, lumbago), Laser therapy is painless, has no risks and is not invasive. Post-surgery motor rehabilitation, post removal of plaster or rigid bandages. Laser therapy is contraindicated in cases of pregnancy, epilepsy and neoplasms.

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