What is it

Manual lymphatic drainage is a particular therapeutic massage technique that allows lymphatic drainage from the tissues and accelerates the speed of lymphatic flow, improving blood vascularization, removing waste and ensuring the supply of new nutrients. To be effective, it must be practiced gently with slow, rhythmic and cadenced movements, with a pressure that must never exceed that inside the lymphatic vessels and must respect the flow direction of the lymph towards the lymph node stations. With manual lymphatic drainage a complete and immediate regeneration of the tissues is obtained, as well as a lasting effect of reduction of the edema and very often also of pain. It also leads to the rebalancing of the Neurovegetative System and a global psychophysical relaxation. In addition, the body’s own immune defenses are enhanced, as massaging the lymph nodes promotes the release of lymphocytes, which pass into the lymph and then into the blood, increasing resistance against infections.

For its multiple effects, manual lymphatic drainage is used in the scientific treatment of the lymphatic system for the resolution of edema in post-operative courses, in case of venous insufficiency, in the treatment of cellulite and various lymphoedematous, post-traumatic diseases, in pregnancy, etc.

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