Pulsed Signal Therapy

What is it

The mechanism of action of the patented PST procedure is logical: the tissues of the human musculoskeletal system are subject to the daily stress of body weight and the forces released by the muscles and tendons. The cartilaginous tissue adapts to this stress by providing the most stressed joints with a thicker protective layer that allows a more balanced pressure distribution.

Electric currents are responsible for the functioning of cartilaginous cells and the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue. When the cartilage tissue suffers the normal distribution of these impulses decreases strongly.

This is where PST technology is used in the treatment of compromised articular cartilage. The fabric is treated with electrical impulses that constantly change in intensity and duration. With an innovative development of the pulsed electromagnetic field method, PST stimulates the physiological regeneration of cartilage cells and bone tissue by stimulating a square wave pulse train. The treatment simulates a natural process and, not being invasive, is painless and free of side effects.

Treated diseases

Degenerative pathologies, primary and secondary arthrosis of large and small joints (gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis and rhizarthrosis), osteochondrosis, chondromatrosis, osteoporosis. PST is indicated in the treatment of: cervical, shoulders, column, also, articulation of upper limbs (elbows, wrists, hands), joints of lower limbs (knees, ankles, feet).