What is it

Tecartherapy is a technique that stimulates energy from within the biological tissues, activating the natural reparative and anti-inflammatory processes. The reason for the existence of Tecarterapia® lies in the fact that every osteo-articular and soft tissue pathology slows down and modifies the biological processes that are the basis of the damage repair suffered. The idea of ​​transferring energy to injured tissues is common to many therapies (radar and Marcon-therapy use the antenna effect, magnetotherapy, the Faraday-Neumann effect, etc.), but all of these give energy from outside. The Tecartherapy® acts differently, in fact it recalls the electric charges from the whole body, taking advantage of the condenser model, that is two conductors facing and separated by an insulator. If the two conductors are connected to an electric generator of potential difference, electric charges will accumulate on the conductors which will oppose the current until it is reduced to zero when the system is charged. In Tecartherapy® an electrode is connected to a generator whose frequency is equal to 0.485 MHz, while the second conductor is represented by the biological tissue. The choice to use the frequency mentioned above derives from the fact that, based on the numerous studies carried out up to now, it seems to be the most effective one at the level of results. In the area under therapy there will be a flow of charges with metabolic activation and an endogenous thermal effect (that is, that comes from within). If the mobile electrode is not electrically isolated, the concentration of charges occurs in tissues with higher resistance (bone and joints) which therefore act as insulators (resistive contacts).

For which diseases it is indicated

The indications for Tecarterapia are numerous; among the pathologies or conditions in which good results have been obtained we recall acute traumatic lesions, fracture sequelae, articular deficits, epicondylitis, rotator cuff syndrome, patellar tendinitis, Baker’s cyst , plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, achilles tendonitis, gonarthrosis, rhizoarthritis, coxarthrosis and coxalgias, cervicalgia and cervicobrachialgia, lumbosciatalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthropathies from autoimmune diseases, etc.


Tecartherapy is one of the therapies with a high efficiency index, often reaching up to 50% (especially for acute muscle injuries and sprains).

The effects of Tecartherapy are an increase in metabolic activity with increased production of ATP (and therefore faster repair), an increase in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage due to heat vasodilation (and therefore better tissue oxygenation and the reabsorption of edema).

The advantage of Tecartherapy compared to other energy therapies is that, since the energy comes from within, it is also possible to affect deep layers, which cannot be treated with external transfers of energy due to damage to the skin caused by the energy emitted.

The Tecartherapy has neither contraindications (without prejudice to those relating to all electromedical equipment such as the presence of pacemakers or the condition of pregnancy) nor side effects and this allows it to be applied very quickly to the trauma, repeating it if necessary several times also, it can be associated without problems with other therapies, such as manual therapy. Some precautions are necessary in case the subject who has to undergo Tecartherapyis insensitive to temperature. The presence of metallic prostheses in the hip, knee or shoulder is not an impediment to performing Tecartherapysessions.

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