What is it

The therapy, which uses sound vibrations at a frequency so high that they are not perceptible to the human ear, is based on the use of devices consisting of a high frequency current generator, a shielded cable and an emitter head to be usually placed on the area to be treat in a fixed or mobile way (in this last case a fat or gel is applied between the skin and the head). The ultrasounds are also applied in water: in this case, the head is immersed 2 cm away from the portion to be treated and parallel to it. Ultrasounds are not indicated near the cardiac or sexual organs area, in case of neoplasms, osteoporosis and phlebitis in the acute phase.

Treated diseases

It is applied for several pathologies including: Sciatalgia and neuritis in general, scapulohumeral periarthritis (even in the presence of calcifications), epicondylitis, Dupuytren’s disease.

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